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Captura IMRAR

This project arises as answer to an initiative of the Group of Investigation of Indigenous Rock Art (GIPRI-Colombia), which decides to elaborate a museum of rock art in digital media with the purpose of offering a tool of international popularization to the public specialized in this topic. This museum looks for to concentrate on oneself system, diverse data relating to the history of the investigation, to the archaeological discoveries, the aesthetic and the etnohistoric studies. In this way, a great database is built, these data could be fused and visualized in screen, then it allows the user to make thematic connections, specialized searches, relate space, and possibly, to determine conservation plans for each zone with rock art.

The technological development has been concentrated on two big areas: visualization of data and graphic synthesis. A programming atmosphere Open Source called Processing was used, with which specialized software was developed which visualizes the information stored in charts XML, in a graph 3D way with which one can interacts in real time through Internet. The graphic plan recovered part of the outlines and conventions elaborated previously by GIPRI (1970-2006), and new elements were created that simplify the appearance in screen of each item, searching a purely geometric atmosphere that makes more efficient its reading.